Friendly Toast

OMG! Food was soooo good! I made my first visit to Friendly Toast in Back Bay and I already can’t wait to go back. I ordered the Lobster Haul Benny. The meal was the perfect portion filling me up without leaving me completely stuffed. Loved, loved, loved the bacon and avocado tossed in! I also got the Irish Red Eye for a drink. It was of Glendalough Irish whiskey, Van Gogh double espresso vodka, Bailey’s caramel, and nitro cold brew coffee! I got 2 🙂

I highly recommend this spot but be aware that there will be a wait. It is quite small and I waited a good 20+ minutes before being seated. They also prioritize groups that are all present first. As I waited, there were two groups of 7 that were trying to get a table. One group had arrived 5 or so minutes before the other and was told to wait as they had one more person coming. The group that came after were seated as soon as they approached the hostess. Not even one minute later the last person in the other group arrived. They were told however that the wait was 20minutes 😦 . My friend and I felt bad for the other group as we thought that since they had arrived first, that the hostess would have waited at least a few minutes before allowing the other group to swoop in. Seating is cut-throat hahaha

TIP: There are other locations so check the wait times online before deciding which one to go to as well as just planning when to get there (yes, you can check online). Be sure to have your full party there! We all have that friend that runs late so this may not be the spot to invite that friend! You snooze, you loose! Enjoy :p

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