One of my favorite places to go in the summer is Newport, Rhode Island. It’s only an 1h.30mn drive which makes it a super convenient destination for Bostonians. Newport is a seaside city that boasts a yacht filled harbor and Gilded aged mansions. I absolutely agree with @DiscoverNewport, when they say the city has a feeling of being away yet connected; switched off yet inspired; engaged yet refreshed. There’s no word for it, but it happens every day on the Classic Coast. 

I usually go between two, three…sometimes up to four times a summer! I’ve grown to really love it and am quite familiar with the town. This particular summer, I’ve only gone once. Seeing as I was traveling for the better half of July, I had less time to make the drive down.

My first trip to Newport this summer had a specific purpose. Friends and I celebrated our friend’s bachelorette. Did I mention Newport is full of bachelorette and bachelor parties?!? It’s crawling with them in the summer which often makes for a very lively and fun atmosphere. It was the bride’s first time to the city so I hope I did her justice in showing her this beautiful coastal community.

Below are some of the activities and restaurants/bars we went to as well as additional names to some of my other favorites!

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